Monday, July 03, 2006

Another Amish Farm

We were on a tour train when I saw this scene. It is another Amish Farm along the side of Stradsburg - Paradise train line. Posted by Picasa

A Close-Up view

A close-up view of the same farm. Posted by Picasa

An Amish Farm

We visited Lancaster, PA, where the second largest Amish community lives. This farm is near Ronks Rd, in Lancaster, PA. Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 22, 2006


From the Philly Auto Show Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Lonely Highway

We were driving along the Roosevelt Blvd. I was driving, so I told Nicey to take the pictures. Posted by Picasa


Parked cars covered with 2 ft snow. Posted by Picasa

Winter Time!

Even though it's cold, I love to see snow and walk on it. Yeah I am one of that rare breed who likes to drive on snow. When everyone is inside their cozy rooms, I drive my VW Jetta 1.8T thru the snow :) This pic is when Nicey and me took a stroll outside our apt. Posted by Picasa


Tweety 1: "I tawt U taw a putty tat!"
Tweety 2: "I did, I did taw a putty tat!, Him faw down, go--BOOOOOOM!!"
Tweety 1: "Awwww, da poor puddy tat! He cwushed his widdle head!"
Tweety 2: "You know dat putty donna hurt himself, if he's not more careful."
Tweety 1: "Uh-oh! Da putty got another pwaymate."
Tweety 2: "Bad old putty tat!, I lose more puty tats that way..." Posted by Picasa

After the Winter...

the Spring starts... and the world is once again a beautiful place... Posted by Picasa

Monday, May 08, 2006

The Skirt

My wife Nicey. She is enjoying wearing her new skirt and top. I didn't tell her to pose like this. We were taking some snaps and in between she checked her skirt and I didn't waste time :) Posted by Picasa

Spring Time

I took this pic in a park near my office. I sometimes go there during my lunch break. Posted by Picasa

Collingswood, NJ

Bible Presbyterian Church at Collingswood, NJ. It is a historic church. Dr. Carl McIntire, an evangelical conservative minister established Bible Presbyterian denomination and founded ICCC against the WCC. Posted by Picasa

The Past Overlooks..

On top of the City Hall in Philadelphia is the statue of William Penn. At one time, buildings taller than this statue weren’t allowed. Now time has changed. But still the statue of Penn from the past overlooks the future of the City of Brotherly Love. Posted by Picasa

On a Rainy Day...

We were driving to New Jersey on a rainy day. Actually Nicey took this shot. I was driving. I told her to take some snaps while we were driving. Posted by Picasa

Mother and Child!

My cousin Rony's wife Rani and their younger daughter Angelina a.k.a Anju :) Posted by Picasa

Hidden Dragon??

Another billboard at Times Square, NY. This one is about the '08 Olympics. Posted by Picasa

Shades of Life

New York Times Square again! We were walking around there and I saw this billboard... snap! Posted by Picasa

Mother India!

It's always good to see our flag in a foreign country. This one is at the Indian Consulate, NY. Posted by Picasa

Sound of Music

Bennigan's again!
Posted by Picasa

Good Old Days...

For my B'day dinner, we went to Bennigan's. The corner where we sat was decorated with old music instruments. I found it fascinating and snapped!! Posted by Picasa


This is Times Square, New York. The signs 'FUSE' were a flash signboard. I wanted to capture all the letters before it fades out. Posted by Picasa

Let there be light...

My cousin Princess, mother of Brittany, gave us this candle set as our B'day present. Nicey wanted to take a pic immediately and I obliged... Posted by Picasa

Shy but sure...

This is another cousin's daughter, Brittany. She is so shy and it's so hard to make her stand still. I took a couple pics continuously and at last I got this one.. Posted by Picasa

Simple and Casual

This is Stephanie, my cousin's daughter. I asked her to look straight and I snapped!! I love this pic.. so casual.. Posted by Picasa